Bill Payment History

Bill Payment History

View the full details of bill payments made from your account.


Bill payment details

  • View your bills payments made online, by phone and by direct withdrawal.
  • Included, for each payment:
    • Source account for the payment
    • Name and description of the bill
    • Bill reference number
    • Payment date
    • Amount of payment
    • Transaction confirmation number
    • Payment method

Data from last 12 months

History is generated from data collected in the last 12 months for accounts registered for online monthly statements of accounts (data begins accumulating from the date you sign up for online monthly statements of account). For accounts not registered for online statements, bill payment history only contains data from the last 62 days.

Sort bills

You can sort bill payments by:

  • Source account
  • Type of payment
  • Amount
  • Date
  • Name of organization

Here’s how

On the next page, select View history under Bills in the left-hand menu.

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