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Transaction delegation

Delegate tasks in Allia the way you already delegate other tasks within your company. Securely and while still maintaining control.


The primary administrator, or the person you designate to manage the Allia service in your company can:

  • authorize access for specific employees by assigning each one an identification code and password, and decide what types of transactions they will be allowed to make based on their role
  • open user files so that the different users can access the service
  • limit each user’s access to certain accounts and services and to certain transactions
  • view transaction histories for each user

Two-signature accounts

You can use two-signature accounts to authorize transactions initiated by employees.

The Sign feature in the Allia cash management service allows accounts to be debited only if two signatures have been obtained.

Transactions entered by a first signatory are put on hold until they are authorized by the second signatory.

Special remarks about Can-Act

  • Once registered for Can-Act, all users with access to government remittance services will have access to Can-Act.
  • The list of accounts defined by the primary administrator available to Can-Act users, regardless of their Allia access rights.
  • If an account is not to be used, the primary administrator must delete the account from the list or withdraw the user’s payment and government remittances privileges.
  • The two signature function applies to Can-Act remittances, as it applies to Allia remittances. However, two signatures are required to cancel a remittance in Can-Act.
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