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Mobile services

Caisse Alliance mobile services to make your standard transactions anywhere, anytime!

If you are already registered in Allia, there are no additional fees for using our mobile services(1).

How to register for Allia?

Allia mobile app: what you can do

  • Deposit a cheque simply by taking a picture of your cheque, without having to go to the Caisse or the ATM.
  • Check the balance of your various accounts.
  • Check your transactions.
  • Make transfers, and pay bills and suppliers.
  • Manage security codes.
  • Open an account.
  • View and delete pending transactions.
  • Find a branch or an ATM.
  • Get the phone numbers to reach us.
  • View more here.


The Allia mobile site is secure and offers most of the same security features as the standard Allia site. It is covered by the Guaranteed 100% Secure program which ensures that you are refunded in the event of online fraud. See our Security Policy for more information.

Login quickly!

Login to Allia with biometric identification. A quick and secure way to access your accounts!


  • Use the Apple®  Touch ID and Face ID features!
  • Use the Android®  fingerprint identification feature!

It’s fast, simple and secure!

What you need to know

  • Caution: All biometric identification saved on your device can be used to login to Allia.
  • The feature must be activated on your device in order for you to be able to use it next time you log on to Allia. Otherwise, you will have to activate it in your device’s settings first.
  • If you add or delete the biometric identification feature in your device’s settings once it has been activated for Caisse Alliance mobile services, the feature will be automatically deactivated in the app for security purposes. You will be able to reactivate it the next time you login to Allia.
  • If you use more than one device, you must activate the feature on each device.

® Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
TM Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
TM Trademark of Interac Inc.  Used under licence.
1. There are no additional fees for using Caisse Alliance mobile services.  The same fees for Allia Internet cover your activity on the Allia mobile site, whether you have a fixed monthly plan, or if you pay for each transaction separately.  Ask your mobile service provider if you have questions about your data plan.

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