Ready-to-go Plans

Ready-to-go Plans* were designed by Desjardins to meet needs expressed by professionals and small business owners.

Based on your annual credit volume, these fixed-rate plans for processing card payments are available starting at $35 a month. Your monthly fee for VISA, MasterCard and Interac payments will remain fixed regardless of the number or volume of transactions processed.

  • Unlimited number of transactions per month.
  • Unlimited volume of transactions per month.
  • No additional fees.


  • Simplicity
    • A single monthly fixed rate, applicable to VISA, MasterCard and Interac payment networks, for processing all credit and debit card payments.
  • Peace of mind
    • Whatever the payment amount, type of credit or debit card, volume or number of transactions, your monthly rate stays the same.

How to sign up for a Ready-to-go Plan

  1. Select the Ready-to-go Plan that best suits your business activities based on your annual volume of VISA and MasterCard payments:
  2. Choose the Desjardins payment solution or point-of-sale terminal** that best meets your needs.
    If you already have a Desjardins terminal, no need to change your equipment.  Find out more about our payment solutions.
  3. Use your Ready-to-go Plan to easily anticipate your monthly payments for transactional fees.

* To be eligible for these plans, your annual credit volume (VISA and MasterCard) must be under $75,000 and you must process less than 7,000 debit card transactions per year. Several rates are available depending on your annual credit volume. Certain conditions apply.
** Point-of-sale terminal rental fees are in addition to Ready-to-go Plan rates.

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