Virtual terminal

The virtual terminal is ideal for processing mail and telephone orders. This Web-accessible solution does not require any integration with the merchant’s site.


Call centres and merchants who handle catalogue sales.


  • The virtual terminal is hosted on the Web.
  • No development required by the merchant.
  • Data export function in several formats (TXT, CSV, XML).
  • Essential management tools: receipts, downloadable reports, access control, management of authorized activities, transaction history, etc.


  • Increased efficiency
    • Process purchases, preauthorizations, refunds and cancellations.
    • Access tool using a simple browser.
  • Versatility and accessibility
    • Several users can make online payment transactions at the same time (maximum of 99 concurrent users).
    • Web-accessible solution that is easy to configure and use.
  • Secure operations
    • 100% secure solution.
    • Security of data handled by Desjardins.
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