Processing without redirection

Processing without redirection is ideal for merchants who wish to produce and host the
payment page on their own server. During the payment process, customers remain in the
merchant’s environment at all times.


Large businesses, recreational services, business sectors and professional bodies, retail businesses, institutions, governmental and paragovernmental organizations, ticket offices.


  • Once the payment process has been completed, the customer remains on the merchant’s site and a success, error or cancellation page will be displayed. A printable receipt complying with certification guide requirements is displayed.
  • Once a transaction has been approved, a receipt complying with certification guide requirements must be e-mailed to the customer.
  • Requires installation of valid Desjardins-compatible SSL certificate on the merchant’s server.


  • Increased business volume
    • Reduce your organization costs and general expenses.
    • Service available 24/7.
    • Expand your sales territory throughout Canada and the world.
  • Control
    • Payments are made in your environment.
    • Simplified operations and easier management of transactions.
  • Simplicity and speed
    • Integrating the solution on your site is easy and inexpensive.
    • Transactions are processed in real time (average processing time: 2 seconds).
  • Autonomy
    • Complete control over payment page appearance, configuration, ergonomics and functions.
  • Desjardins certification
    • Certification ensures quality control of the entire online purchasing process.
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