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International funds transfer

Does your company do business on a national or international scale? Streamline your operations by using Allia to transfer funds online.

The international funds transfer function can be used for a variety of transactions, such as depositing payroll into the accounts of employees working abroad, or paying suppliers located anywhere in the world. All this with only a few clicks.

Type of transfers*

Processing time

SWIFT transfer 0 to 48 business hours
Direct deposit 12 business hours to 4 business days
Cheque letter

4 to 7 business days

* All three types of transfers not available in all countries.


  • Simple: just a few clicks and you can transfer money right from your computer.
  • Practical: reusable templates can be created for transfers made on a regular basis so that information does not have to be re-entered each time.
  • Secure: sophisticated security features protect each transfer from beginning to end.

Did you know?

You can delegate international funds transfers to an employee and still maintain control.

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