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Human resources management

We can provide these additional services through other financial services partners. Please contact an advisor at your Caisse populaire to find out more about the following products.

These modules can be found in either of our payroll management solutions.

To find out which human resources management modules are included in each of the payroll management solutions, see the Comparison Table.

Employer D Select and Exclusive solution modules

Human Resources Basic Management

  • Employee file management: position, assignment, salary scales, etc.
  • Organizational charts.
  • Automation of salary increases and incentive compensation.
  • Built-in functions:
    • Calendars
    • Document templates available or possibility to create your own
    • Inventory of general skills, which can be adapted to your requirements
    • Report generator
    • Possibility to create user windows and fields and change terminology
    • Security through the creation and association of users with existing and personalized profiles
    • PA system tool (personal assistant) that eliminates non-value-added activities by automating recurring tasks

Workplace Health and Safety

  • Canada’s most advanced module.
  • Lets you manage occupational health and safety information.
  • Forms required by the regulatory agencies in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia can be submitted electronically via the system.

Workplace Health and Safety Financials

  • Complements the Workplace Health and Safety module.
  • Facilitates and optimizes the management of financial aspects of work-related accidents.


  • Allows you to document training plans and sessions, register participants and record training-related costs, including professional association dues.
  • Calculates the figures necessary to fulfill your obligations under the 1% Training Act (the Act to Promote Workforce Skills and Development and Recognition).
  • With the Employee Self-Service option, staff members can look up course syllabuses and register online for a waiting list for various training programs.


  • Performance and career initiatives management and staffing development.
  • Analysis of gaps between employee skills and job requirements.
  • When combined with the Training module, it allows managers to perform other tasks such as mapping out the training needs of future key employees to ensure they have the competencies required to take over a given position.
  • With the Employee Self-Service option, performance evaluation questionnaires can be completed online.


  • More in-depth absence management and tracking in order to minimize their duration and frequency.
  • With the Employee Self-Service option, staff members can submit and check the status of leave requests online.


  • Creation of banks of potential candidates and assessment of internal and external applicants.
  • Link to retrieve and analyze job applications from a company’s website or other sites such as and
  • CV keyword search and rating system for questionnaire answers, etc.

Labour Relations

  • Management of collective bargaining agreements, grievances, complaints, disciplinary measures, arbitration processes, internal regulations and external legislative requirements.


  • For companies specializing in employee placement, recruiting, temporary staffing or consulting services.
  • Effective outsourcing of resources for clients’ projects.
  • Administering projects and job assignments.


  • Management of timesheets usually produced using data from the system’s calendar and scheduling templates or inputted manually by the manager.
  • With the Employee Self-Service option, staff members can complete their timesheets online.

Condensed modules of the Employer D Intro solution


  • Absence management.
  • Detailed analysis of absences to minimize their duration and frequency.


  • Documentation of training plans, sessions, participants and costs, including professional association dues.
  • Calculates the figures necessary to fulfill your obligations under the 1% Training Act (the Act to Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition).


  • Performance evaluation management.
    • Annual objectives entered into employee files
    • Instant access to a wide range of information for a more effective appraisal interview: degree of attainment of objectives, main accomplishments, progress, strengths and areas of improvement, career aspirations discussed and overall performance assessment.
  • Information centralized in the employee file, providing an overall performance assessment.

Labour Relations

  • Disciplinary measures management.
  • Grievances and complaints management.
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