Group Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

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A Group TFSA is a savings plan under which contributions aren’t tax deductible, but whose income, including capital gains, is tax-free, even when withdrawn. This means that the TFSA’s ability to shelter investment income from taxes is comparable to an RRSP or Registered Pension Plan (RPP).

Advantages for your company

  • Available as a stand-alone plan or as an add-on to an existing plan.
  • Flexible and competitive administration and management fees.
  • Simple to manage with fewer administrative tasks.
  • Choice of options for submitting contributions.

Advantages for your employees

  • Annual contribution limit is $5,000 no matter how much is contributed to an RRSP or RPP.
  • Contribution limit is indexed to inflation, in increments of $500.
  • Unused contribution room can be carried forward indefinitely for greater growth potential.
  • Does not affect eligibility for federal plans (Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement).
  • Withdrawals can be made at any time, tax-free. Amounts withdrawn generate new contribution room for the following year.
  • Contributions aren’t tax deductible but investment income and amounts withdrawn are not taxable.
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