Group RRSP

We can provide these additional services through other financial services partners. Please contact an advisor at your Caisse populaire to find out more about the following products.

A grouping of centrally-managed individual RRSPs. Participants can build capital for retirement and enjoy the benefits of a good rate. The Group RRSP may be offered as a complement to an existing organization retirement plan or to a stand-alone RRSP.

Advantages for your organization

  • Flexible and competitive administration fees.
  • Simple to manage, which cuts back on administrative tasks.
  • Tax break: employer contributions are considered as a salary expense and are deductible from the organization’s taxable income.
  • Optional participation for the employer.
  • Deal with only one contact person.
  • Several ways to make contributions.

Advantages for your employees

  • Immediate tax break: contributions are made by deductions at source.
  • Contributions grow in a tax shelter.
  • Money in an RRSP is not locked-in.
  • Participants choose investments.
  • Numerous and varied investment options.
  • Competitive management fees.
  • Option of investing in spouse’s group RRSP.
  • Option of transferring locked-in amounts in a locked-in retirement account (LIRA).


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