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Group retirement savings solutions

We can provide these additional services through other financial services partners. Please contact an advisor at your Caisse populaire to find out more about the following products.

Enhance your job conditions: give your employees the opportunity to participate in a group retirement savings solution.

We offer plan managers and participants many investment options, the expertise of highly qualified personnel and many tools to work with.

Group RRSP Participants can use the Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan to build capital for their retirement at a great rate.
Defined Contribution Pension Plan A savings plan in which both employer and employees make pre-defined contributions that are generally based on a percentage of employee salary.
Group Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) A savings plan under which contributions are not tax-deductible, but whose income, including capital gains, is tax-free, even when withdrawn.


Additional solutions

Individual Pension Plan An attractive option for business owners and senior managers, whose incomes require a greater income tax deferment strategy.


Did you know?

If your company’s employee benefits include group insurance or a group savings plan, you can use the PC Payroll service to calculate contributions, taxable benefits and remittance amounts.

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