Direct withdrawal

For organizations that collect money from their clients on a regular basis.

Send your direct withdrawal files by AccèsD Affaires or to your Caisse populaire in advance and amounts will be withdrawn automatically from client’s accounts on the scheduled date.

How it works

Once you’ve registered for direct withdrawal, you must obtain your clients’ consent with a Payer’s PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) Agreement, in keeping with the Canadian Payments Association’s (CPA) Rule H1 on pre-authorized debits.

Please read the CPA requirements for pre-authorized debits

Once your clients have consented, you can have payments withdrawn directly from their account, whether they do business with a Caisse populaire or another financial institution, anywhere in Canada.

Amounts are deposited automatically into your chequing account.


  • Accelerated cash inflows and assurance that payments are made on set date.
  • Simplified accounts receivable management.
  • A wide range of secure transmission modes for withdrawal files, including AccèsD Affaires.
  • Simple and practical reports.
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