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Account collection service

For companies that bill in bulk and wish to centralize the processing of their accounts receivables.

Simply bill your clients. Caisse Alliance collects the amounts due and deposits the funds to your account.

Includes all payments made by your clients at your Caisse or a participating financial institution by whatever payment method used:

  • at the teller
  • at the ATM
  • by phone
  • online
  • by mail (if your company or organization is registered for the lock box cash service)


For the business or organization

  • Access to your money the next business day after payments are collected and processed by Caisse Alliance.
  • Fee schedule based on volume of transactions.
  • Cut back on account processing costs (postdated cheques, in particular).
  • Reduce operating costs by freeing your staff to do other, more strategic jobs.
  • Consolidate all your payments into a single account.
  • Access to the entire Canadian banking network.
  • Requires only a few changes to current bills.
  • Three types of reports ensure better monitoring of client accounts:
    • printed reports (available at the caisse teller counter, by mail or by fax)
    • computerized reports (with user-friendly software so you can download data safely)
    • Allia reports.

For your clients

  • Costs less than cheques.
  • Provides them with an easy way to pay their bills.
  • They choose their preferred payment method.
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