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Account Information

With Allia, find out to the second your company account balances:

  • Canadian currency accounts, U.S. currency accounts, or accounts in other foreign currencies;
  • Lines of credit;
  • Loans.

You can also use it to check your personal account balances.

Did you know that you can consolidate your personal and business profiles in Allia? Click here to learn how.

How to access account balance information:

  • Click on the Account tab to view your account balances.
  • Click on the link of an account for detailed information.

Monthly statement of account

A monthly statement of account, identical to the one you receive by mail, allows you to get account information each month.

How to access statements:

From the Accounts tab, select View eStatements.

Search for transactions

Your statements are sorted by year, and month. Quickly get transaction details and account activity.

Download or print your statements at your convenience!

Did you know?

You can delegate account reconciliations to an employee and still maintain control.

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