Bank confirmation

An AccèsD Affaires function that allows you to produce a bank confirmation once a year on your company’s year-end date.

Advantages for you

  • You have access to your company’s bank confirmation at anytime and from anywhere.
  • Considerably reduces production time and costs.
  • Bank confirmations may be made for each caisse branch in which you have an account.
  • Even includes your folios that are not registered for AccèsD Affaires.

Advantages for your accountant

  • Bank confirmation forms may be viewed or printed at anytime and bank confirmations securely produced without your having to get involved.
  • Puts an end to the endless exchange of paper forms between you and your caisse.
  • Saves time and increases productivity.
  • Forms are available for six months following the end of the company’s fiscal year.

If you are a public accountant

AccèsD Affaires allows you to get your client or manager’s authorization to produce a company’s bank confirmation using your own access to the company’s AccèsD Affaires Service.

If your clients are not AccèsD Affaires users or don’t know about the bank confirmation service, tell them about it and encourage them to sign up for it!

Did you know?

You can securely delegate the task of getting bank confirmations to your accountant and still maintain control.


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