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Choosing local is capital!

At Caisse Alliance, we listen to our community and we know that Northern Ontario's economy depends on our local choices!

We choose Northern products.

By subscribing to your local newspaper, paying attention to where the food in your grocery cart comes from, or picking up your bread every Sunday at the local bakery, you contribute to your community!

Thank you for your participation. The contest ended on October 30th.

Congratulations to the winners!

Week 1: Francine Joanis-Poliquin, Hearst ($500)

Week 2: Melissa Carrière, Timmins ($500)

Week 3: Gaetan Rivest, Val Gagné ($500)

Week 4: Lise O’Connor, Sturgeon Falls ($500)

Week 5: Michelle Tonkin, South Porcupine ($500)

Week 6: Isabelle Potvin, Hearst ($500)

Week 7: Chantal Vezeau, North Bay ($1,000) and Denis Bourgelas, Val Rita ($1,000)

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