Charly and Max – When eyes are bigger than the wallet

Charly and Max – When eyes are bigger than the wallet

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Max: Don’t call the ambulance, I’m not dead. My parents decided to trust me to manage my own lunch money for the whole month. So, to celebrate, I went to eat at the restaurant that just opened up next to my school. My friend Nico didn’t have any money. As usual, his mother had made him a really nasty lunch. Her cooking is so awful that I took pity on him and offered to treat him and lunch out with me.

It’s crazy how expensive it is to eat in a restaurant. At first, we were just to get one large sub sandwich and split it. But in the end, we each got our own. Along with a drink. Two drinks. Some fries, some cookies and then an enormous piece of triple chocolate cake with gooey caramel on top.

And then since the lady behind to counter was so nice, we left her a big tip. Let’s just say it costed a little more money than we planned. Six dollars and five, ten, fifteen cents. That’s how much money I have left for the month. Nineteen, that’s how many school days that are left in the month.

Yeah. I think I’d better figure something out if I don’t want to starve to death!