Charly and Max – Taking California!

Charly and Max – Taking California!

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Charly : Hi!

I must look like I’m going to the beach, right? Well, that’s because that’s where I’m going! In two weeks. I can hardly wait!

Tadaa! California, here we come. A year and a half ago my parents decided we were going to save money as a family to take a big trip. At first, I have to say, I wasn’t really into it. My parents said we are going to have to be super disciplined and set money aside every week.

So, we cut back on going out to eat and going to the movies. At first, I thought it was pretty boring and I was counting the days. But I ended getting used to it pretty fast.

Every Monday night we would talk about our trip, make plans and go look at pictures online.

It was like a game. And now, we are at the point where we are picking out our activities. My brother Will decided on a day of surfing. Max picked an amusement park. And me, well, I am still making my mind up. Online, I saw that there was a waterpark and a zoo really close to our hotel. Which one should I choose?