Charly and Max – High security

Charly and Max – High security

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Charly: Hi!

I don’t know if you know but yesterday was the most important day in all of history: it was my birthday!

There was a super huge party yesterday afternoon. All of the planet’s most important people traveled to be at the event. Louis was there, Julie, Mom, Dad, Will, Max and look what grandma and grandpa gave me: $50!

I’m rich! I’ll be able to buy myself a hockey stick, all-new equipment maybe even a new arena!

Mom thinks I should open an account with a financial institution. I really don’t know why. I have

Mr. Grumpy to look after my money!

Mr. Grumpy, that’s my piggy’s name. He and I will keep watch. No need for an account.

What is this Mr. Grumpy? My money? You were supposed to watch it. You. You’re fired.

Fiou. Well, maybe an account would be a good idea after all. My money would be safer. Oh, come on Mr. Grumpy. Don’t be mad. You’re not fired anymore.