Charly and Max – A penny saved…

Charly and Max – A penny saved…

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Max: I finally managed to pay back all the money I owed my brother. I don’t really like being in debt. Credit can be handy but it’s stressful when you’re not well prepared for it.

The best thing to do is to set aside a little money every week. Even if there is nothing special you want to buy. It’s easy: I calculate how much money I make every week and I decide on an amount to set aside. It doesn’t have to be that much.

Like that if I ever want to buy myself something, like for example: a t-shirt or a new screwdriver or a drill or a video game or a high performance fertilizer or a radio controlled boat or a telescope, a microscope, a kaleidoscope or … if ever something unexpected happens, with the money I have set aside, I will never be in trouble.

What? I’m not taking any chances. You can never have too much room to save!