Simple ways to reduce your service charges

Choose one of our Business Transaction Plans

Business Transaction Plans help you save on transaction charges, eliminate monthly management fees and register for an AccèsD Affaires plan free of charge.

See Monthly Business Plans

Use ATMs

With the Business Access card, automated transactions are less costly.

Automate your bill payments

Use direct withdrawal or the Account Collection Service (SPC).

Sign up for the Direct Payment service. See: Direct Payment

Reduce the number of deposits you make and their amount.

Register for AccèsD Affaires

This service allows you to:

  • Check the balance of all your accounts.
  • View transaction histories (12 months).
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Repay your line of credit.
  • Pay suppliers.
  • Transmit employee payroll files.

Use Desjardins Payroll services

See: Payroll and Human Resources Services

Desjardins Payroll and Human Resources Services handle payroll processing from start to finish (including remittances of payroll deductions) and deposit payroll directly into your employees’ accounts for a low fee.

Please contact an advisor at your Caisse populaire for more infomation about this product.

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