Day-to-day transactions and cash management

Day-to-day transactions and cash management

Every business must have a permanent source of working capital to meet its operating needs (salaries, suppliers, payroll taxes, etc.)

Sound cash management includes:

  • Maintaining reasonable liquidity to be able to meet current expenses.
  • Optimizing the value of the funds in your accounts.
  • Reducing service charges.

Our accounts and electronic services can help you better manage your cash resources.

  • Open a Business Account: Steps to follow to open a business account.
  • Chequing accounts: A variety of accounts to help you manage your company’s funds on a daily basis.
  • Account services: All our accounts come with convenient deposit, cheque processing and funds consolidation services.
  • Plans: Plans specifically designed for small businesses and self-employed workers to reduce operating costs.
  • Service charges: Choix de tarification selon le type d’entreprise.
  • Supplier accounts management: E-services to help you better manage supplier payments with the support of a team of experts.
  • Client accounts management: Client account payment e-services for every business, regardless of the number of invoices you send and whether or not you currently use computerized systems.


Did you know?

Your Caisse populaire offers a complete range of user-friendly and secure products and services to help you manage your business finances online.


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